Oakton Coins buys all forms of silver Coins from Evanston.

Located right between Evanston and Skokie. We buy and sell coins, paper money, estate jewelry, platinum, stamps, diamonds, all forms of gold / silver, and more.


It’s always smart to shop around when selling your silver coins especially in the Evanston area. 

The 12-minute trip to Skokie to sell your silver is well worth your time because we have much lower overhead than other Evanston silver buying shops. Give us a call at (224) 563-5684. It does not matter what a jewelry store charged you for your everyday non-luxury brand silver. Silver price is based on weight.

Household sterling or silverware includes tableware, cutlery, and other household items made of sterling silver. Sterling silver flatware is made of an alloy containing 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The copper gives it strength, since pure silver is too soft. To be marked “sterling,” it must have a minimum of 92.5% pure silver (although some older pieces use lower amounts of pure silver such as  .800 – 80% and .500 – 50%). Silver requires a good deal of care; it tarnishes and must be hand polished often. Sterling silver (or otherwise) must be refined to .999 pure silver. Only then it can be used for applications like medicine, electronics, brazing alloys, chemical equipment, catalysis, and photography.

Oakton Coins also will you more cash for your Evanston jewelry.

The best way to evaluate your items is to bring them into our location; that way, we can accurately test each item. During the process, we will give you the knowledge you need to sell your precious metal for the right price. Our staff has the most hands-on training and experience in the industry to determine whether or not your jewelry holds value.

We welcome scrap gold, junk gold, and broken gold such as broken rings or other jewelry. We also buy scrap gold necklaces and bracelets, earrings, designer jewelry, jewelry sold at boutiques and shops, gold lighters, gold class rings, gold pocket watches, fragment gold watches, gold cufflinks in all shapes and sizes, dental gold, and so much more! We also buy other metals and are willing to examine anything you bring in and determine whether we are able to give you any money for your items. Even if your item is not 100% gold, we are often willing to purchase it. We will research how much gold is contained in your jewelry. Sell scrap gold in all shapes and sizes at our Evanston  area location.

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